Frequently Asked Questions

We invite every healthcare practitioner and wellbeing coach to consider our unique course in holistic science and clinical methodology. Currently, we are the only organisation offering this specific online postgraduate degree.  

 As professionals, we are often confronted with cases that appear not to fit the reductionistic models we have been taught to use. All of our staff has had the same experience in the past and wants to share the potential solutions to these issues with you.   

Everyone interested in creating more trust in the patient/client/professional relationship will greatly benefit from the insights provided.

We are a private organisation linked to a non-profit organisation (Humaniwell) that brings together academic researchers to disseminate independent, peer-reviewed science in layman terms. Our team of lecturers is made up of academic researchers, most of whom have a PhD background and are experienced in teaching at the university level. 

The standards of our organisation surpass many formal curricula, as we can work without grants or sponsorship that may bias our delivered content. Hence, we can divert from obliged institutional standards. 

Here, at the Academy, we can challenge current paradigms and create a unique curriculum that addresses the real needs of healthcare providers based on independent and substantiated peer-reviewed science.

This course aims at health and wellbeing professionals with a relevant degree. 

Basic knowledge of health-related subjects is a prerequisite. However, if you can prove having gained the necessary insights through other means of vocational learning and you have a bachelor of science in a non-related field, we can consider your application.

It is recommended that you begin your course promptly so you do not miss out on essential introductions and engaging with your peers. We do appreciate that personal and professional agendas may not always align with the set dates of this course. 

We will allow students to start up until March or October (depending on the choice of academic year).

The online sessions will provide you with the possibility to interact with your lecturers. This may be important to guide you through the formal and summative assignments. Nonetheless, we understand that time differences may complicate regular attendance. Therefore, we opted to record our live sessions so you can have a re-run whenever it suits you.

The Academy upholds the highest standard of education. Most lecturers are engaged in academic research and teaching at formal universities. In order to remain in good standing with our academic institutions, it is of the utmost importance to uphold excellent teaching for our students.

As we are dedicated to providing you with the most novel and independent science-based curricula, we have opted not to engage in formal partnerships with any of our colleges just to create a sphere of legitimacy. As professional educators, we value the work we do at our academic institutions, but we recognise that curricula often under-address topics that may be useful for health professionals like yourself. Moreover, we would like to limit all possible biases within this holistic science degree programme.

Our academy investigated third-party recognitions across the globe. Many countries only have government agencies providing accreditations, which are often related to receiving funding from that same government. As we opt to stay totally independent and unbiased, these options are excluded.

In North America, we found the majority of accreditation bodies to be part of the so-called ‘accredition mill’. These are often organisations that don't offer rigorous accreditation or quality assessments. You pay money to receive a questionable ‘board certification’ and a 'fancy' logo that does not represent our values. In many parts of the world, such educational accreditation organisations are not even allowed by law.

Most countries don't even recognise official degrees from other parts of the world. Even if they do, compulsory reexamination is often required when relocating.

Up until today, we have only found two accreditation bodies that uphold a rigorous procedure for evaluating curricula, assessments, teaching, and the provision of close student-teacher engagement. These bodies require degree programmes to be initiated for a couple of years to evaluate both the scientific prowess, educational standards, examinations, and, foremost, interviews with former alumni to establish the quality offered.

As a new academy, we aim to achieve the above-mentioned standards in order to apply for these high-ranking bodies' accreditations in the near future. Once these high-standing accreditational procedures lead to formal recognition, we will, free of charge, update your diploma and diploma supplement with these high-standing accreditation features.

In the meantime, our internal quality standards will provide you not only with a degree but also with a diploma supplement covering all the course modules, supplementary information on the forementioned modules, the lecturers and their academic affiliations, and your obtained results. These supplements provide quality assurance for your patients, clients, and/or employers.


The course in on an academic level and requires some time investment.  As we are aware that most of our students are woking professionals, we try to limit the personal online contact hours.  The live online sessions are provisioned at 46 hours.  Self-directed study (problem based learning) is essential which will be monitored by the faculty through formative and summative assessments.  The calculated self-study workload is estimated at 650 hours.  The whole programme will take 1 one year to complete, dissertation included.