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A minimum requirement for application is a MBBS/MD/DO or Bachelor of Science(Honours) degree in a field related to biomedical sciences, such as Dentistry, Biology, Psychology, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, e.g..

Demonstrated experience spanning a duration of at least two years in the field of healthcare as a professional practitioner, together with filing an extensive curriculum vitae.

Only 20 positions available per academic year.
You can enroll twice a year (starting dates: August, 27th 2024 and February 2025).


All applications are free of charge and should be registered through PRELIMINARY APPLICATION

All applications will be evaluated by the course organisers, who will thereafter provide interview invitations to suitable applicants. After the application is completed, students can enrol on a first-come, first-served basis. Registrations are deemed completed if both the administration and registration costs have been fully paid. (You will receive a notification via a payment request).

Enrollment and registration invitations will be granted at a first come, first served basis.

Deadline: August, 1st, 2024 for September intake or January 4th, 2025 for February 2025 intake


1. Policy Statement
All students on a course at the Humani Well Education Academy will be charged tuition fees, and fees will be payable for the duration of the course.
Fees are due at the start of each academic year. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the necessary funds are in place.
Attending this course is a significant financial commitment. To assist students in handling the financial responsibility they have assumed, options are made available. This policy outlines the obligations students have regarding tuition fee payment and the requirements.

2. Tuition Fees
The Academy charges tuition fees annually. Fees are determined based on fee status and mode of attendance.
Tuition fees are reviewed annually and are subject to change.

Continuing students
Continuing students will remain on the same fee structure for the duration of their course, providing there are no course transfers or changes to the original study mode, and students’ progress through the course in the normal timeframe.

Tuition fee changes
Tuition fees will be displayed during online enrolment. If additional course elements are undertaken, such as extra modules, further fees will be incurred.
The Academy makes every effort to ensure fee information provided is accurate. In the unlikely event that an error has been made, any changes have been approved, or any fee adjustments are required, the students will be informed promptly.

3. Paying Tuition Fees


Registration : €450
Module : €295/per module (10 modules in total)
Dissertation : €350
Certificate : €450 (this includes at home delivery through courier)
Administration : €450

A full payment (€ 4650) before the start of the academic year entitles to a 5% discount on the total amount.



50% due by start of Academic year
25% due by April 1st
25% due by July 1st


50% due by start of Academic Year
25% due by November 1st
25% due by March 1st

Fees are non-refundable in any case of withdrawal.

However, if for any legitimate reason, approved by, and at the full discretion by the Course Leader, you are not able to pursue the course throughout the academic year for which one had enrolled, and for which due payments have been registered, the student will be granted the opportunity to enroll in the following academic course year if remaining financial balances have been paid for . The student may resume, in the following year, were the suspension occurred in the previous year. Further extensions towards follow-up years will not be granted.

4.Instalment Plans Clarification
An instalment plan is an agreement between the student and Academy in which the student agrees to pay set amounts on specific dates. If the Academy receives all instalments as agreed, when the plan is complete the student will have paid the full amount of tuition fees due at no extra cost. Failure to make a payment, or late payments may result in the cancellation of the instalment plan and the full balance will be due immediately.
During Online Enrolment students will be given the option to pay tuition fees in full or select an instalment plan.
All instalments are due on the 1st of each month.

5. Payment Methods

Payments can be done by international bank transfer. A payment request will be delivered to you at due time.

Collection of Outstanding Tuition Fees
Once payments become overdue the Academy applies the following approach to the collection of outstanding tuition fees.
The student’s Programme Director and Course Leader are notified of the outstanding debt.
The Academy will send reminders to students by email to their personal email address and any preferred email address held on the system. Failure to receive a reminder does not excuse a student from the responsibility of paying tuition fees on time, nor will it prevent the Academy from taking action to recover outstanding debt.

Day 1 (1st Reminder)
A reminder is sent to the student drawing attention to the outstanding payment.
Day 7 (2nd Reminder)
A second reminder is sent which sets out the timetable of actions that will be taken if the fees are not paid.
Day 16 (3rd Reminder) Access Removal
The student will no longer be giving access to the modules, lectures and content
Day 30 Withdrawal for Financial Reasons
The Programme Director of the Academy will notify student in writing of the Academy’s decision to withdraw for financial reasons. Legal action will now be taken to recover the outstanding debt, and debtors will be liable for any costs incurred, including commission and charges. There will be no automatic right of re-entry to the course if debt is cleared at this point.
Upon payment of outstanding debt post financial withdrawal, there is no automatic right of reinstatement. If a student wishes to be considered for reinstatement, then an application will have to be made via the Programme Director. The decision will be at the discretion of the Programme Director.

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