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Dr. Aubrey Mast

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Aubrey Mast (USA)
Aubrey, a former Nutrition, Health, and Lifestyle Professor at the University of North Carolina (US),conducted research on body-mind medicine throughout her PhD studies. She has earned academic degrees in the fields of health and wellness, public health (MPH),and herbalism, and is also accredited as a wellness coach.

Throughout her academic tenure, she designed courses and curriculum centred around lifestyle medicine and the use of food as medicine. She conducted research and experiments on neutraceuticals, inflammation, holistic medicine, food politics, and holistic health practises.

As an academic, she acquired profound knowledge and skills in instructing students at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
At UNC, she guided and supported students in achieving their highest level of well-being by engaging them in thought-provoking discussions on health and nutrition-related subjects.
She is affiliated with the American Association of Public Health and the American Herbalist Guild.