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Dr. Isabelle Papadopoulos

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Determinants of Health

Isabelle Papadopoulos (Belgium – South Africa)

Isabelle, half Belgian half Cypriot born in Africa, obtained her Master’s degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Ghent in Belgium. She pursued her research in Zoology and Estuarine Ecology at the University of Port Elizabeth (South Africa),where she earned her PhD. Isabelle, with a postgraduate degree in Forensic Science, also possesses general knowledge in Forensic Lab Research and Crime Scene Management.

Isabelle, a former Postdoc and Research Associate in Zoology and Molecular Ecology at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and Rhodes University respectively (South Africa),has recently redirected her research efforts towards studying the ecological variables that influence health. She conducts thorough and critical examination of scientific research on climate change and the impact of human activities on this matter.

During her employment as a lecturer, she provided guidance and support to undergraduate and postgraduate students. She also developed a strong interest in coaching and communication as effective instruments for optimisation processes.