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Dr. Riccardo Leto

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Holistic Clinical Reasoning

Riccardo Leto (Italy-The Netherlands)

Riccardo obtained his MD degree from the Catholic University of Leuven (BE) in 2010. In 2016, he graduated in emergency medicine. Additionally, he possesses minor degrees in music history and anthropological philosophy. He completed internships in the United Kingdom, Belgium, and the Netherlands, specialising in acute care medicine, traumatology, internal medicine, orthopaedic surgery, and cardiology. He further holds a degree in Healthcare Management from the Vlerick Business School (BE).

As an emergency physician, Riccardo recognises the necessity for a more comprehensive medical history taking than what is currently recommended by existing frameworks and standards in the field of medicine.
During patient intakes, he believes that the importance of epigenetic and genetic predispositions, social determinants of health, and family constellations is underestimated. His research focuses on studying the attribution biases commonly observed in the field of medicine, which can result in misdiagnosis or unwarranted investigations.

He is now focused on creating innovative frameworks that reduce biassed clinical decision-making and emphasises its significance as a foundation for any holistic strategy.
Riccardo is a member of the Professional Committee of the European Society of Emergency Medicine.