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Drs. Sam L. Brokken

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Programme Director

Born in Belgium, now residing in India.
He has previously held positions as a senior lecturer and Head of Research in Health Sciences at two Universities of Applied Science.
Sam L. Brokken, who completed his Physiotherapy studies in the mid-1990s, went on to acquire advanced postgraduate and research qualifications in Sports Physiotherapy, manipulative treatments (namely structural Osteopathy),and Manual Therapy.
He acquired extensive expertise in clinical reasoning, ergonomics, and patient-centered care.

However, throughout his own practice, he saw that patients significantly depended on passive therapies. Fascinated by the dependance of his patients on the healthcare system, he conducted studies on the subjects of social determinants of health and behavioural psychology, focusing particularly on the concept of external locus of control.
Driven by his research interests, he pursued his studies at Robert Gordon University in the UK. He excelled in his class and graduated with top honours, earning an MSc Merit Award in the fields of Public Health and Health Promotion, with a minor in Epidemiology.

Amidst the pandemic, he was the first in suggesting 'focused protection' as an alternative to the frequently disproportionate actions implemented among the uninfected population.
He has been prominently featured in over 100 podcasts and interviews worldwide, gaining recognition mostly for his involvement in the Headwind series.
These documentaries, which have amassed over 6 million views, focusses on presenting alternative perspectives on the pandemic.
In 2021, he was honoured with the "Motivational Award" by the Dutch discussion show "De Nieuwe Wereld" in recognition of his unwavering dedication to promoting scientific debate and advocating for a healthier world.